Care Instructions

It is so important to follow these simple care instructions so that you can keep your piece of jewelry looking beautiful for a lifetime!

  • Remove jewelry before showering, bathing, swimming, hand washing and anything else that requires full submersion into water. The breastmilk stone is robust and water resistant, but is not fully waterproof. Water can also weaken the strength of the prongs overtime.
  • Remove jewelry before bedtime. You can risk breaking, weakening and/or loosening the prongs while asleep.
  • Avoid extended time to UV light, sunlight and heat exposure. Wearing your jewelry in the sun can cause the stone to become weak.
  • Avoid using creams, perfumes, sanitizers, cleaning products, etc., while wearing your jewelry. Direct exposure to the chemicals can damage your jewelry.
  • Handle your jewelry delicately to avoid scratches.
  • Store jewelry in a dark, dry place when you are not wearing it.
  • Gold plated silver jewelry pieces have a natural wear over time. Jewelry can be re-plated at a local jeweler. Avoid ultrasonic machines.
  • If stones do become dirty, use a very soft bristled brush to clean the stones surface (if the bristles are too rough it can scratch the stone).