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Custom Tear Drop of Love + Birthstone Band | Breastmilk Ring

Custom Tear Drop of Love + Birthstone Band | Breastmilk Ring

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The Custome Tear Drop of Love + a half birthstone bands are a great duo! They are made with solid 925 sterling silver and plated in silver or rose gold and can have all the birthstones customized instead of only have 1 color.

These beautiful rings and birthstone bands can be made with breastmilk and ashes. My current turnaround time is 6-8 weeks from when I receive your inclusions.

These rings are customizable to include more than one birthstone color. Each band has a place for 4 stones. Please indicate in the Personalization section what months you want to fill the 4 stones. For example, March/April/Feb/May. 

The main ring has 3 stones on each side of the band so please specify what color you want those each to be as well. For example, March/April/Feb on each side with March being closest to the big stone.

Once you place your order, you will receive shipping instructions for your inclusions.

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